5th Festival of Contemporary Dance “Compartments Dance Project”

5th Festival of Contemporary Dance “Compartments Dance Project”

After four successful events, the "Compartments Dance Project" Contemporary Dance Festival returns for the 5th year to the Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf daily, from Sunday 18 September until Sunday 2 October 2022.

As a stage for the Festival serves the New Wagon, with its 12 small compartments, but also any other unpredictable stage and non-stage space of the Railway Carriage Theater.

However, in this year's event, the spotlight will fall on the newly equipped outdoor stage of the Apovathra, which will host the largest number of participants

Topics and concepts related to "travel" such as departure, arrival, transfer, route, station, reunion, leisure, migration, separation, refuge seeking and anything else that may include a "journey", literally and figuratively, but also more personal and inner "routes" are sources of inspiration and find their ideal dimension in space.

The dancers will collaborate with the unconventional spaces of To TrenostoRouf, to include them in their projects, to converse with them, to interact with the spectators using if they wish any additional art form and to present their dance performances, lasting from 10'to 30’ minutes, daily for a 15-day period.

All performances will be presented daily in a rolling schedule from 19:00 to 23.30pm. for a continuous fortnight.

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