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Where better to eat at a train station than in a railway carriage? There’s a whole train of beautifully renovated coaches parked at Rouf station and dedicated to feeding and entertaining customers. One coach is a restaurant, another is a bar, while three others are dedicated to art, music and theatre productions. In summer, there’s also an open-air bar on the platform. The menu is short and sweet (and savoury), with burgers, sausages, cheeses and dakos (bread, tomatoes and feta) taking centre stage.

The Guardian

The first time I went to Treno sto Roof for food I was lucky.

It was an evening with those unforgettable Italian songs from the 60s, sung very atmospherically and theatrically by Danai Katsameni. The yellowish light from the small lamps on the tables, laid with linen tablecloths, made me want to re-read Agatha Christie, and the excellent service made me wonder if I was actually eating on the tracks of the station at the Roof.

Nikos Vatopoulos (Journalist, Writer)

To treno sto Rouf is among the 10 best restaurants in Europe inside railway stations.  The romance of trains meets fun and good food. The Guardian searched and found the ten best train stations that double as restaurants, with Treno sto Roof earning a place on the list

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