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Tatiana Ligari

Tatiana Ligari was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. She studied Law in the Aristotle University, Acting in the National School of Drama, Dancing and Singing in the Dancing School “K. Agrafioti” and the Macedonian Conservatory, in Thessaloniki.


As a chorographer she worked for children plays. As an actress she worked for the National Theatre of Northern Greece, the National Theatre of Athens and important theatrical stages playing leading parts of both Greek and foreign repertory as well as ancient tragedy.


In the movies, she starred in three films, two Greek ones directed by ThanassisSkroubelos and Nikos Koundouros and a German one directed by Rainer Simon. On TV, she played various parts in many popular TV series and films.


In 1996 she established the Arts Company “AXANA”, a civic, non-profit organization, and in cooperation with the Academic Theatre of Tver in Russia she presented and played “Anna Karenina” directed by Vera Efremova in a bilingual project, both in Russian and Greek. In 1997 she created the Railway Carriage Theatre to Treno sto Rouf, a vintage train, a unique industrial monument of contemporary Greek culture and history that was redeveloped as an innovative, one of a kind cultural venue in the world. The Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf consists of ten refurbished antique cars, including an original wagon-restaurant from the 1926 Simplon Orient Express and a refurbished Breda type steam engine, which dates back to 1953, constituting evidence to contemporary Greek history and industrial heritage. All ten cars have been subsequently transformed, repaired and re-furbished accordingly, with great sensitivity to originality and aesthetics, and are now home to a theatre stage, a music stage, a restaurant, a bar and foyer, dressing rooms and utility rooms.


For the last 26 years she is the artistic director and producer of the Railway Carriage Theatre to Treno sto Rouf for which she directs various theatrical and music performances, holding in some of them the leading part. Many of her productions have been presented abroad, such as Bucharest, Casablanca, Rabat, Beirut, Australia (Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin), 8th Theatre Olympics in India (New Delhi, Bangalore) etc. In 2007 she founded the Theatrical Stage for Children in the Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf and since then she directs successful performances for children. Since 2011, she has successfully organized 11 Festivals for Young Artists “12 Compartments” and 5 Festivals for Contemporary Dance “Compartments Dance Project”. During summertime she hosts theatrical, music and fine arts events at the open-air platform of the Railway Carriage Theatre to Treno sto Rouf.


At the same time, she has directed two theatrical shows for the whole family at the Megaron Athens Concert Hall, which have been attended by over 140.000 spectators.