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Tatiana Ligari

Born in Thessaloniki. Studied law at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and graduated with distinction from the ΚΘΒΕ Drama School. Studied dance at Kiki Agrafiotis' Χοροθέατρο (Dancetheater) and song at the Μακεδονικό Ωδείο (Macedonian Conservatory).

As a choreographer she worked in children's troupes and the Μαθητικό Πειραματικό Θέατρο Θεσσαλονίκης (Experimental Teaching Theater of Thessaloniki) (Choreography award at the Ithaka Festival).

As an actress she collaborated with the Thessalian Theater for the comedic play "Χαιρέτα μου τον πλάτανο", with the Οργανισμός Ηπειρωτικού Θεάτρου (Organisation of Epirus Theater) in the play "Ο τελευταίος ασπροκόρακας", with Καφεθέατρο "Μπουλούκι" in monologues by Dario Fo and comedic numbers, with Χοροθέατρο Θεσσαλονίκης (Thessalonikis Dancetheater) in the play "Στο πανηγύρι που έχασα".

As a member of the ΚΘΒΕ for five years, she was in the plays: Hamlet, Jacob and his master, Aladdin and the magic lamp, The Fire Raisers, Lysistrata, Troilus and Cressida, Harold and Maude, Helen, Women of Trachis, Ecclesiazusae (Assemblywomen), Temptation, The balcony and others.

For the past fifteen years she lives and works in Athens. She has worked with the 3ης Σεπτεμβρίου Theater (Creditors- Miss Julie), with the Μάσκες Theater ("Μαχαίρι στο κόκκαλο"), with the D. Piatas Theater (The Last of the Red Hot Lovers), with Ioannina's ΔΗΠΕΘΕ (The Taming of the Shrew), with M. Rialdi's Πειραματικό Θέατρο της Πόλης (Experimental City Theater) ("Άγρια παιχνίδια"), with Ch. Tsagas' Πολσένικο Theater (Antigone, Iphigeneia in Tauris) and with the National Theater (Epicœne or The silent woman). She interpreted monologues of ancient tragedy, for the Special Olympic Games in Montreal, Canada and in a paneuropean symposium for modern greek language in Nîmes, southern France.

In cinema she was the lead in many films: R. Simon's "Η ιστορία του Οιδίποδα" ("The story of Oedipus") and Th. Skroubelos' "Ο Τζώνυς Κελν, κυρία μου", as well as in N. Koundouros' television adaptation of Iphigeneia in Tauris. She also appeared in many television series.

In 1996 she founded the Art Company ΑΞΑΝΑ. In collaboration with Tver's Academic Theater, she presented in both Russia and Greece the bilingual show of Anna Karenina, in which she had the leading role.

In 1997 she created the Αμαξοστοιχία - Θέατρο Το Τρένο στο Ρούφ (Railway Carriage- Theater to Treno sto Rouf). For two seasons (1997 - 1998 and 1998 - 1999) she presented at the Theatre Wagon the "musical for two" "Λαχτάρα για κεράσια" ("Craving for Cherries"), directed by Daniel Olbrychski, in which she had the female part. In 2000 and for three consecutive seasons she presented the play The Lady Vanishes, for which she did her first direction for theater.

In 2001 she renovated the Wagon - Restaurant of the Orient Express of 1926, opening the Music Wagon Orient Express with the show "Θέλετε δέντρ' ανθίσετε, θέλετε μαραθείτε", which she directed and had a part in.

In the 2002-2003 season she directed at the Theater Wagon the comedy musical of Lena Divani "Η ωραία θυμωμένη" and presented the show "Θέλετε δένδρ’ ανθίσετε, θέλετε μαραθείτε" at the Athens Concert Hall and the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

In the 2003-2004 season she directed at the Music Wagon Orient Express the music/theater shows "Υπ’ ατμόν" and "Χάρισμα – Η Συμμετρία της Αρμονίας", which was presented at the Athens 2004 Cultural Programme.

In the 2004-2005 season she presented the show "Υπ’ ατμόν" for a second year and took over the production and editing of its music cd publishing.

At the same time she directed Stephen Poliakoff's Breaking the Silence, presented at the Theater Wagon, for which she had the leading role. In summer 2005, for the first time, she toured with her partners across cities of Attica, as well as other cities of Greece and abroad presenting the music shows of the Treno sto Rouf Theater.

In the 2005-2006 season she directed at the Music Wagon Orient Express the music/dance show "Kυρία μουσική Χορεύετε;".

With her partners she has presented performances of Orient Express Musical Wagon in municipalities of Athens, at the Festival of Athens in Attica Park, at Athens Concert Hall, at the Concert Hall, at the Museum of Cycladic Art, at the Benaki Museum, as well as in cities of Greece and abroad. She has worked with the troupe of Romain Pompidou "Compagnie Tour de Babel", in the performance Poèmes et Chants d'Amour, which was presented at the French Institute of Athens (2004-5).

Also, she has taken over and edited the music of the cds In atmon and Charisma - The Symmetry of harmony and since 2007 she has established Sunday afternoon at the Orient Express - Literary circles brunches with known Greek writers.

In September 2010, she presented the play the Helen's Necklace, in Lebanon, at the Al Madina Theater in Beirut.


Rouf Train Station,
Konstantinoupoleos ave