After three sold out seasons with the “Paris-Istanbul” music performance, we are boarding the famous Orient Express train for 4th consecutive year to continue our legendary journey from Gare de l'Est of cosmopolitan Paris to far off Bagdad.

Along our way, songs and melodies from the 30s till the 70s are keeping us company with stops at the cities-stations where the iconic train was passing. From bustling Paris to restless Berlin, romantic Venice and Budapest, Bucharest and Belgrade to neoclassical Athens and melodic Sofia.

After a 2.740 km journey we arrive at the sensual Istanbul of spies and
émigrés, we take a short rest at Pera Palace, and from there we cross Bosporus and set foot on the Asian coast.

Τaurus Express, the legendary train is awaiting us at the Haydarpasa station to travel us to the 1001 Nights of the magical East, to Bagdad. One colorful blend of landscapes, people and cultures unfolds through unexpected musical stories from Smyrna, Adana and Eski Sheikh, Syria’s Damascus and Aleppo, Lebanon’s Haifa and Beirut, Egypt’s Cairo, Iran’s Tehran to Iraq’s Euphrates River and Mosul.

Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, Maurice Chevalier, Tino Rossi, Kurt Weill, Nino Rota as well as Attik, Giannidis, Tsitsanis, Xarchakos, Mouzakis, Chatzichristos, Verka Siderova, Fairouz and Eastern’s star Umm Kulthum are few of the characters we will meet on our route.

On stage, Athena Routsi blows us away with multilingual songs, Alkistis Raftopoulou enchants us on piano and Fotis Milonas switches with breathtaking skill between the wind instruments, the guitar and the mandolin.

Three talented artists with their covers of timeless favorite melodies travel us to the most interesting music route of the 20th century.

Music Wagon Orient Express
every Friday at 21:30
opening night 3/11/2017
entrance fee 12€
ticket presale:


To Traino Sto Rouf
Rouf Train Station, Konstantinoupoleos ave
mobile 6937604988 phone 2105298922 email