New Wagon

The New Wagon, the newest carriage in the Railway Carriage Theater has 12 compartments, in which every spring the Festival of Young Artists and art events are held.

2nd Festival of Contemporary Dance: “Compartments dance project”

Following the success of the first “compartments dance project”, that took place last year with the vast participation of dancers and dance groups and the warm welcome of the audience, the Railway Carriage Theater – To Treno Sto Rouf organizes this year the 2nd Festival of Contemporary Dancecompartments dance project” in September, from Monday 11 till Sunday 24, 2017.

Emphasizing on the contemporary dance and as a continuance of the Young Artists Festival “12 Compartments”, choreographers, dancers and dance groups are invited to be inspired from the New Wagon of the Railway Carriage Theater and the special atmosphere of these 12 compartments and to present in this special space their personal performances for small audience groups (duration 10-30 minutes).

The specificity of the scenery of these compartments causes the limitation of the movement and leads to the excess and its redefinition. Clarity, frugality and purity of movement are elements that are born involuntary when coming so close to the audience – co-passengers and the intimacy of this private atmosphere. Themes and concepts such as exodus, departure, arrival, path, station, recreation, immigration, separation and everything that may be considered as a “journey” both literally and metaphorically, are used as inspiration finding their space in this ideal dimension.

The uniqueness of the Railway Carriage Dance Festival provokes unconventionally creatively stimulations offering an irreplaceable experience for the audience and the artists.

At the same time, dance performances are hosted at the open space of the Platform and the new Cargo Wagon of the Railway Carriage Theater.


Every-day, September, Monday 11 till Sunday 24, 2017 in a rolling program from 19.30 – 23.00


Entrance pass required. Distribution of the entrance passes for the performances of each day starts at 19.00. Maximum 3 entrance passes per person/day.


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