The 7th Young Artists Festival, the successful institution established by the Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf and Tatiana Ligari with the goal to promote and bring out the artistic forces of Greece, will take place this year as well, for 7th consecutive year from Friday May 26th to Sunday June 4th 2017.

This unique in the world cultural railway festival calls young groups and solo artists from all arts (Theater, Music, Dance, Arts, Photography, Video Art etc.) to participate in a very special and unexpected young expression and creation festival.

The heart of the Festival beats at the New Wagon of the train with its 12 “compartments”. In its 12 private compartments with the authentic atmosphere the artists are invited to be inspired, create and present short avant-garde for small audience groups daily for 10 consecutive days.

Since 114 groups and solo artists (musicians, dancers, directors, actors, choreographers, performers, video artists, painters, sculptors, music groups etc.) have presented their work inside the minimal space of the New Wagon with original and imaginative art creations, which served as a contact starting point for with the unique Train Theater and as a stimulus for new collaborations.

Music live shows, installations, theater and dance performances are hosted simultaneously in the rest of the wagons and at the outdoor platform, offering to artists and visitors a cheerful and creative arts festival.

The lines determining the selection of the proposed Festival events are the combination of arts, the interactivity, the satirical spirit as well as themes inspired by the idea of the Train in relation to contemporary issues as transportation, osmosis, exchange, confinement, exclusion, communication, coexistence, privacy, etc

The projects must be original and should not have been presented in another space or festival.

Applicants can send their proposal πρόταση (detailed description of the project or relevant multimedia material), as well as curriculum vitaes accompanied by photos at the e-mail address until March 15th 2017.

The final selection of the participants will be completed by March 31st 2017.


tel. 210 9237076

fax 210 9240108