After the success of the first “compartments dance project”, which took place last year with vast participation of dancers and dance groups and a warm reception by the public, the Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf organizes the 2nd Contemporary Dance Festival “compartments dance project” from Monday 11th to Sunday 24th of September 2017.

Choreographers, dancers and dance groups are invited to be inspired from the unexpected venue of the train’s New Wagon and the special atmosphere of its 12 small compartments and present at this special wagon their short personal performances for small groups of audience (duration 10’-30’ minutes).

The uniqueness of the compartments scenery provokes a limitation of movement and leads to its overcoming and redefinition. The clarity, the inwardness, the simplicity of the movement are unintentionally born due to the great proximity to the viewer-conveyor and the intimacy of the private atmosphere. Issues and concepts, such as flight, departure, arrival, route, station, encounter, recreation, migration, separation, and everything that can be included within a "journey", literally and metaphorically, are sources of inspiration and they find their ideal aspect in the space.

The uniqueness of the Railway Contemporary Dance Festival creates unconventional stimuli of creativity, offering an unparalleled performing experience for both viewers and artists.

At the same time, dance performances can be hosted in the open space of the Apovathra (Dock) and the new Cargo-Wagon of the Train.

All performances will be presented daily in a rolling schedule from 7.30pm to 11pm.

Interested applicants can send their proposal (extensive project description and related audiovisual material from previous projects), participants resumes accompanied by recent photos and contact telephone numbers at until 10 July 17 July 2017.

The final selection of the participants will be completed on 15 July 21 July 2017.