With respect to the spectator / visitor of the Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf, health and safety is our priority.

In this context and based on current state regulations, during winter season 2020-2021 food and drinks are offered, not only in the atmospheric wagons of the Train-Theater but also, for the first time this season, at the spacious open-air bar-restaurant Apovathra (shading umbrellas and heaters available).

A series of protection and hygiene measures are taken by our team:
- Antiseptic alcohol solutions with 70% ethyl alcohol (registered on the European Cosmetics Platform and notified to the National Organization for Medicines) available in the venue toilets and all public areas

- Liquid cream soap in the venue toilets

- Disposable towels in the venue toilets

- Daily cleaning of surfaces and sanitary areas with appropriate cleaners and disinfectants (notified to the National Organization for Medicines)

- Distances between the tables inside the wagons as well as between the tables at the open-air Apovathra as specified by the current state regulations to ensure the privacy of each company

- Cleaning of tables and seats before and after each use

- Use of mask by the staff

- Maintenance and cleaning works of all air condition units of the venue

- The use of electronic ticket for the events is strongly suggested https://www.viva.gr/

We enjoy food and drinks in the atmospheric wagons or at the spacious open-air Apovathra of the Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf and... we stay safe!