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Musical performancefrom 03 November 2023

The emblematic music show that "traveled" first place to thousands of spectators starting in Paris and ending in Istanbul in 2014 is coming back - where else? - on the Orient Express Music Wagon with new music and songs stopping in the cities that the famous Orient Express train passed through on its legendary route.


We board the "King of Trains" or "East Express", and travel through time and places from the West to the East with princes and kings, famous actors and notorious spies, diplomats and politicians, intellectuals and flamboyant businessmen through favorite melodies of Europe from the first decades of the previous century.

Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, Maurice Chevalier, Tino Rossi, Kurt Weill, Nino Rota as well as great Greek composers meet on the legendary route from the cosmopolitan Paris of bohemians and aristocrats to restless Berlin, romantic Venice, the special tradition in Budapest, Bucharest and Belgrade, neoclassical Athens, melodious Sofia and the sensual Istanbul of spies and emigrants.

A multilingual musical journey with unexpected stories that reveal a colorful mosaic of people and cultures in their authentic setting, the restored carriage of a legendary train, the Orient Express!
Bon Voyage!


Orient Express Music Wagon
Every Friday at 21.30 (performances from 3/11/2023)
General Admission €18
Optional: Wine €5 / Drink €7.5 / Food from €6

Performance duration 120 minutes (with intermission)

Advance ticket purchase required


In to Treno sto Rouf Railway Carriage Theatre also operates a Wagon-Bar & a Wagon- Restaurant for food and drink. For reservations you can call tel. 6937604988 & 2105298922 daily from 18.00

Song Athina Routsi
Piano- Orchestrations Alkistis Rautopoulou
Guitar-Bass-Vocals Dimitris Papalamprou