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Theater performancefrom 03 November 2023

Sigmund & Martha Freud, Karl & Jenny Marx, Socrates & Xanthippe
Three famous couples of world history. Three important women of these couples who remained hidden in the fringes of history and in the shadow of the glory of their genius husbands.


This winter, Tatiana Lygari is directing the excellent play "Hidden" by the Israeli writer Yossefa Even-Shoshan and the also Israeli director and well-known actress Dalia Shimko in the Treno sto Rouf Railway Carriage Theatre. The play is being presented for the first time in Greece, translated by Iosif Vardakis, by a six-member troupe of talented actors, paving the way for the use of modern Israeli drama, unknown in Greece, on the Greek stage.


It draws inspiration from Françoise Xenakis's book "Damn, we forgot Mrs. Freud again" and illuminates the lives of three famous couples in world history, Sigmund Freud and Martha Freud, Karl Marx and Jenny Marx, Socrates and Xanthippe by projecting the decisive role played by the three important women of these couples in the development and evolution of the work of their genius husbands, who changed the course of humanity while they themselves remained hidden in the fringes of history.


Everyone knows Socrates, Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. But how many have heard of Xanthippe, Jenny Marx and Martha Freud?


The clichéd but controversial phrase "behind every successful man hides an important woman" is known to everyone. But what is the real dimension of this phrase? Why is the wife standing behind her genius husband and not next to him? And why does he disappear from the scene of history when he becomes famous?


The play "Hidden" creates a fictional, if true, story that rescues from oblivion the wives of the genius men who changed the world. As it moves between history and fiction, it sensitively and very humorously reveals moments of the daily life of these great personalities offering the viewer entertainment as well as interesting and fun historical moments. At the same time, it highlights the burning issue of gender inequalities, which remains topical and ultimately unresolved despite the great strides made especially in advanced Western societies.


The play has been presented by the theater group Ensemble ASPAMIA with great success in festivals abroad and on online platforms while it has been presented for 4 years in Tel-Aviv.


Wagon Theatre
Friday & Saturday at 21.00, Sunday at 20.00 (performances from 3/11/2023)
Tickets: Friday & Sunday 16€ full, 10€ student-discount-unemployed, 5€ concessions
Saturday €18 full, €12 student-discount-unemployed

Performance duration 100 minutes (without intermission)


To treno sto Rouf Railway Carriage Theatre
Tel. 6937604988 & 2105298922 daily from 6pm.
Rouf Railway & Suburban Station, on Konstantinoupoleos Ave.
10' walk from METRO Kerameikos & from Agia Markella stop (buses 813, 026)

Written by Yossefa Even-Shoshan, Dalia Shimko
Dialogues Yossefa Even-Shoshan
Translation Iosif Vardakis
Direction Tatiana Lygari
Costumes Michalis Sdougos
Original music composition Minas I. Alexiadis
Choreography Phaedra Soutou
Lighting Alekos Anastasiou
Assistant Director Marianna Randou
Visual consultant Vassilis Pafilis
Technical collaborator Andreas Velimbasakis
Specialists productions Lazaridis Scenic Studio
Hairstyling Konstantinos Savvakis
Make-up Dionysia Konstantinou
Poster artist Teti Kamoutsi
Photos Ypatia Kornarou
Video Trailer Giorgos Harisis

Performed by the actors (in alphabetical order) Evelina Arapidis, Elena Vakali, Fani Gemtou, Andreas Koutsourelis, Vassilis Panagiotidis, Nikos Poriotis