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All Aboard
Musical performancefrom 29 September 2003
All Aboard

A journey from Paris to Constantinople, with musical stops in all the European cities where the legendary Orient Express used to pull in, during the charming era of the Belle Époque and the years between the two World Wars. (Paris, Berlin, Venice, Bucharest, Belgrade, Athens, Sofia, Constantinople.

With the pretext of a love story that unfolds in a cosmopolitan atmosphere of intrigue and mystery, on the footsteps of the Mata Hari and Hercule Poirot stories, well-known and popular songs by Edith Piaf, Mistenguet, Tino Rossi, Luisa Poselli, Sophia Vembo and Marlene Dietrich, songs from the Parisian cafes, the early Berlin movies, the greek operetta, popular greek songs by Attik, as well as canzonets from Naples, Hungarian chardas and Turkish amanes, are performed by the gifted Hara Kefala, Zacharias Karounis and Konstantina Psoma, who are accompanied by Pavlos Antoniadis on the piano, Petros Christidis on the violin and Thodoris Lygnos on the double bass.

Using the excellent last winter’s reviews, and indulging in the unique atmosphere of the original Orient Express Wagon-Restaurant, the audience can enjoy the sultry menu offered by “Aria of Tastes” , and most of all the performance of the gifted singers, who gracefully swing from style to style, singing in 9 different languages and making the journey unforgettable.

(alphabetically) Zacharias Karounis
Hara Kefala
Konstantina Psoma

(alphabetically) Pavlos Antoniadis (Piano)
Petros Christidis (Violin)
Thodoris Lygnos (Double bass)
Nikos Das (Accordion)

The voice on The News belongs to Alexandros Lahanas.
Announcement voices off : Giannis Nikolopoulos, Timon Koulmasis, Lutz Tegge, Enrico Menniti, Attila Csatari, Michaela Gavriliou, Vlado Tubin, Ivan Kostov Stoyanof, Ali Kardouhos.

Artistic Charge – Direction: Tatiana Ligari
Musical Preparation: Giorgos Papadakis
Song Selection: Giorgos Monemvasitis Giorgos Papadakis Tatiana Ligari
Literature aid: Maria Tsima
Costumes: Dora Lelouda
Choreography: Fokas Evangelinos
Lighting: Sakis Birbilis
Assistant Costumes Designer: Marialena Lapata