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Amour Noir
Musical performancefrom 02 November 2017
Amour Noir

Dilemma, in cooperation with the Railway Carriage Theatre to Treno sto Rouf create a magic atmosphere and bring the Alternative Greek music experience on stage, every Thursday at 21.30, at the Music Wagon Orient Express.

This rare musical duet, one of the most authentic and successful subversive schemes in the music scene for fifteen years, with love for literature and poetry, knows how to create theatrical atmosphere and how to make images and landscapes of the mind and the soul. Talented, paradox and erotic, Dilemma alternate between jazz, rock, new wave and avant garde sounds.

In the new music performance “Amour Noir”, they approach the music of inspired creators with a unique view. They share with us short stories of famous couples and dark characters from literature, music and cinema and unwind the intense feelings of love, betrayal, loss and mystery that the composers experienced or wanted to pass through their songs.

The intensity of relationships, the internal conflicts and the unpredictable reactions of heroes through timeless and favorite songs create a surprising atmosphere. The audience is coming face to face with the heroes’ lives and identify themselves with their passions.

Chet Baker, Tim Buckley, Paul Weller, Nina Simone, Kate Bush, P.J Harvey, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Lana Del Ray, REM, Radiohead, Chatzidakis, Xydakis are few of the fellow travelers in this “noir” music trip.

DILEMMA consists of: Sotiris Tragkas vocals, tenor/soprano sax, clarinet, harmonica, flute, piano, composition Popi Dalachani vocals, acoustic guitar, loops / accompanied by Ioanna-Vasiliki Koraki in piano & vocals

Poppy Dalachani started learning classical guitar at the age of 7. She holds Diploma in classical guitar graded with Excellent with unanimous decision. She has attended various seminars and master classes, while she has performed in many concerts and recitals in Greece and abroad. She is a classical guitar tutor and at the same time she is a graduate of the Department of Preschool Education of Crete. During her years at the University, she started writing her first compositions. As she returned to Athens, she became active guitarist of various music schemes of the so-called alternative scene. In one of these she met Sotiris Tragkas and they formed DILEMMA in 2002. They have released 5 full lengths studio albums and they have created original music composition for art and theater happenings and various live performances.

Sotiris Tragkas is a musician, mathematician, saxophonist and music-songwriter. Sotiris was born in Athens, he holds a Bachelor in Mathematics from the University of Patras, a M.Sc. in Computer Science from University of Liverpool in UK and he has studied Music in the Hellenic Conservatory of Music & Arts and in Paris. Moreover, after selection, he participated in seminars by Pink Floyd’s saxophonist, Dick Perry. He has been a founding member and he has participated in various jazz, art rock, ambient, new wave and post-rock music schemes in Greece and in the UK. Since 2002, together with guitarist Popi Dalachani, they formed DILEMMA. Until now (2017) he has released 5 full lengths studio albums (songwriter, composer performer) as DILEMMA’s founding member.

DILEMMA Discography:
1. PENDULUM – March 2009
2. RISE UP – (recorded at Half Note Jazz Club ) April 2012
3. OBLIVION - October 2014
4. INVISIBLE JUKEBOX – August 2015
5. PERSONA GRAFFITI – October 2017


Ioanna-Vasiliki Koraki was born in Athens and she holds Diploma in Piano and in Monody both graded “Excellent by unanimous decision and first prize”. She holds a MASTER OF ARTS in Music Performance from the University of Indianapolis graded “Excellent with hons”. Her studies were followed by various concerts abroad as well as international music contests with prizes and praises. Along with her participation in many music genres (jazz, avant-garde, contemporary electronic, Celtic) she appears in various live oratorio and lied concerts which is her main love and specialty as well as with “Cosmic Singers Ensemble”. She is a piano and monody tutor and she has recorded for radio and television.

Music Wagon Orient Express
every Thursday at 21:30
opening night 2/11/2017
entrance fee 12€
ticket presale: