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Breaking the silence
Theater performancefrom 29 September 2004

The compelling play "Breaking the Silence", by Stephen Poliakoff, the acknowledged British playwright of Russian descend, is being staged in Greece for the first time, at the Railway Carriage Theater “to Treno sto Rouf”. It is an autobiographical play, which takes place during the early years of the post-revolutionary Russia (1920-1924), in an imperial train wagon serving as a mobile home for a Russian aristocrat whose employment as a Telephone Inspector of the Northern Railroads is merely a cover-up for the project of his life : the invention of the talking pictures.

In an atmosphere of suspense, humour and sensitivity, where appearances are deceiving and technology is intertwined with science and social transitions, the characters re-define their roles, their principles and their prejudices, and they evolve impressively, against a backdrop of dramatic political development.

Tatiana Ligari
Arto Apartian
Kostas Flokatoulas
Thanassis Vlavianos
Spyros Perdiou
Thomais Androutsou
Fivos Rimenas

Translated by: Marlena Georgiadou
Directed by: Tatiana Ligari
Music composed by: Minas Alexiadis
Set / Costume Designer: Dora Lelouda
Lights Designer: Giannis Drakoularakos
Assistant Director: Maria Tsima
Associate Set / Costume Designer: Marialena Lapata
Assistant Set Designer: Giorgos Bochtanidis

Breaking the silence