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Craving for Cherries (season 2)
Theater performancefrom 23 October 2023

After a successful series of performances, the pocket musical "Longing for Cherries", with the sensational performances of Leonidas Kalfagiannis and Elena Mengrelis, directed by Efthimis Christou, continues for the 2nd year at the Theatrical Carriage of the Train-Theatre to Treno on the Roof, every Monday and Tuesday at 21.00 from 23 October 2023.


In 1997, the original pocket musical "Longing for Cherries" by the famous Polish poet and writer Agnieszka Osietska was presented to the Greek public for the first time in the context of contemporary Polish drama, directed by the famous Polish actor Daniel Olbrychski, with performers Tatiana Lygari and Andreas Natsios. This monumental performance was the occasion for Tatiana Lygari to be inspired and to create the Train-Theatre the Train on the Roof and lay the foundations for the subsequent cultural route of the only cultural multi-site in the whole world that operates on train carriages.

This time the baton was given to the young but experienced director Efthymis Christou with the protagonists Leonidas Kalfagianni and Elena Mengreli and the musician on stage Vera Hatzipapas with the aim of conveying the anthropocentric messages of the play to today's viewers.

The play takes place in the 60s and 70s within the frame of the then People's Republic of Poland. A man and a woman meet by chance on the platform of a railway station and board the train, in the same carriage. Him and her. Two complete strangers. Or maybe not; Forced to travel together, they reveal and share their pasts, playing third-person roles that they have met in their lives. The play makes a deep cut not only in the relations between couples but also in the gap of two conflicting "worlds". This is an everyday hero who "builds socialism". She wants to buy " hat"! Both engage in a poignant yet humorous conflict with tenderness and sensitivity composing prose, lyrics and live music through the original musical theater form of a musical for two!

Tatiana Lygari notes about the project:

"In a landscape of alienation, violence, easy online dating and fear of emotional connection, modern man avoids interpersonal relationships that require time, effort and care. "Poetry" and the passion for all things romantic and deeply emotional seem to be moving alarmingly away from their recruits. Craving for Cherries returns as timely as ever to remind us of the archetypal human need to reboot our emotional world and meaningful human contact. "Longing for cherries" means a desire for spring, for everything that is born new, fresh. But it also means a return to the root from where the first feelings are born, a return to purity, purity and the power of the "new". The cycle of life has a limitless decay and human nature longs to resist this course. The race is uneven but in the end it is the race that matters.

“Ah! why should it be cold, when our soul hides so much thirst and longing for cherries..."

The tender "pocket musical" about the inexorable relations of the two sexes, which moves and excites the audience on the stage of the theater car, is an experience worth living!

Wagon Theatre
Every Monday & Tuesday at 21.00 (from 23/10/2023)
15 Euro full / 10 Euro student - discount - unemployed / 5 Euro defects
The Wagon-Bar is open from 19.30 (wine €5, drinks €7.50)
Advance ticket purchase required

To Treno sto Rouf Railway Carriage Theatre
Tel. 6937604988 & 2105298922 daily from 6pm.
Rouf Railway & Suburban Station, on Konstantinoupoleos Ave.
10' walk from METRO Kerameikos & from Agia Markella stop (buses 813, 026)
Free parking


For reservations at the Wagon-Bar & Wagon Restaurant you can call 6937604988 & 2105298922 daily from 18.00

Artistic direction Tatiana Lygari
Original text Agnieszka Osietska
Translation Iro Mavroidi
Directed Euthymi Christou
Original music composition Minas Alexiadis
Lyrics Aphrodite Manou
Song Aphrodite Manou, Spyros Sakkas
Choreography Natassa Zouka
Sets Lea Kousi
Costume designer Evelina Darzenda
Lighting Sakis Birbilis
Photography Hypatia Kornarou
Assistant Director Miranda Zisimopoulou

Starring Leonidas Kalfayannis, Elena Mengreli
Musician on stage Vera Hatzipapas