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Dance at Rouf
Dance performancefrom 05 June 2019

Music and dance summer evenings at the Open Air Apovathra

Summer nights at the Treno sto Rouf, with the Apovathra turning into a dynamic "dance school"!

An invitation to the spectators to tune in to the favorite dances that rocked entire generations of Greeks from the beginning of the 20th century until the 1960s.

Waltz, polka, tango, habanera, charleston, fox-trot, swing, samba, rumba, bayonet, twist, rock and roll, halli-galli, shake, yanka...


With the echo of composers and voices that marked our listening and sensitivity, from Sakellaridis, Attik and Giannidis to Mouzakis, Hadjidakis and Plessas.


An invitation to the musical memories, sensations and steps of an era labeled "retro" and "light", which excite us to this day.

With the fresh presence of modern talented performers, the sensitive Athena Routsis and the dynamic, bright tenor Stavros Salabasopoulos and the younger ones, Panos Patayiannis and Zanel.


With the joy of life and love.


With the power of the classic and timeless.


With the nostalgia of a more emotional era and a more humane Athens.


With a glass of wine accompanied by lots of smiles, more laughs, social commentary, group singing and - above all - dancing! A group of excellent singers, musicians and dancers attempt not only to "revive" the beloved dance repertoire of the past but, above all, to bring human expression and communication back to the surface through collective entertainment.


With the spectators becoming part of the performance, making the older ones rebaptize in memories and experiences hidden but not lost and the younger ones to discover with pleasant surprise that indeed "the old one is different"!..


With the artistic curation-direction of Tatiana Lygaris and the knowledge of the historian of Greek song Lambros Liavas, professor of musicology at the University of Athens, who has undertaken the research, the texts and the musical curation, the costuming care of Yiannis Metzikofs, the orchestrations of Alkistis Rautopoulou, the choreography of Christina Tsoukaris, the lighting of Sakis Birbilis and all the fine artists, the summer evenings at Treno on the Roof will surely excite us!


Every Wednesday and Saturday
Start time 21:15
Tickets €12, €10, €5
Duration 2.30' (with a break)

Online Presale:


Train-Theatre the Train on the Roof
Tel. 210 5298922 / 6937 604988
Roof Railway & Suburban Station


on Konstantinoupoleos Ave


10' walk from METRO Kerameikos
Free Wi-Fi / Free Parking

Artistic editing-directed by Tatiana Lygari
Texts-Music edited by Lampros Liavas
Costumes by Yiannis Metzikof
Orchestrations by Alkistis Rautopoulou
Choreographed by Christina Tsoukari
Lighting by Sakis Birbilis
Assistant Director Efthymis Christou
Interpret (in alphabetical order)
Zanel, Panos Patayiannis, Athina Routsi and Stavros Salabasopoulos


Julia Kontogianni, Sarantis Reisis
Piano Alcistis Rautopoulou
Guitar, mandolin, wind instruments Fotis Mylonas
Loukas Metaxas Percussion

Dance at Rouf