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Deliciosa (2nd season)
Theater performancefrom 19 October 2007

Based on an original idea by Tatiana Lygari, Delicioza is the talk of the new theatrical season. The production combines the considerable talents of the well-known novelist, academic and playwright Lena Divani and the much-loved journalist, author and chef Ilias Mamalakis, over a cooking pot in the Theatre Wagon of the Railway Carriage Theatre To Treno sto Rouf! Joined by a young and talented cast, author, director and chef ‘cook up’ Delicioza, a Cinderella for the 21st century whose beloved and timeless heroine triumphantly sautés and pot roasts her way into our hearts and into our century, ‘steaking’ her claim to happiness with all the intelligence, sensitivity and culinary nous at her disposal!

And that’s where that “prankster in machina”, Ilias Mamalakis, comes in, in this, his first involvement with the theatre. Cinderella’s fairy menu consultant, a galactic grande chef falling earthwards like mana(lakis) from heaven, his unmistakable recorded voice engineers the denouement of our tale.


Like a breath of fresh air, the production sets about bewitching its audience who are invited to laugh, to dance and sing, get serious, cook and ultimately taste the dainty dishes cooked up on stage!

Vivi Kokka
Spyros Perdiou
Fani Gemtou
Christos Georgalis
Foivos Rimenas
Niki Livadari

voice off Grand chef:: Ilias Mamalakis
voices off: Tatiana Ligari, Stelios Mainas, Maria Tsima

Play by Lena Divani
Directed by: Tatiana Ligari
Set / Costume Designer: Dora Lelouda
Music arrangement & chore by: Minas Alexiadis
choreography: Zoi Chatziadoniou
Lights Designer: Giannis Drakoularakos
Assistant Director: Alkioni Valsari
Musical themes selections: George Dimitrakopoulos
Teaching of break-dance movement: Michele Zeitinidis

Deliciosa (2nd season)