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the Elephant's Shell
Theater performancefrom 20 December 2012
the Elephant's Shell

In the Theatre Wagon of "Train at Roof" Theatre, our acquaintance with the modern canadian theater is continued. After the Canadia play writer Carol Frest and the " Neclace of Helen" in 2010, this year comes the also Canadian young French speaking writer Étienne Lepage and his play, "The elephant's shell".

Étienne Lepage gratuated from the playwriting departement of Canada's National Theatre School, he is a playwriter,translator and multiple activities artist. Plays of his have been played abroad and have been translated in many languages, among of which "Red Face" and "Eleplant's Shell".

Written in 2010, the play talks about the role of a person's resposibility and behavior within the insecurity that threatens peoples lives in modern societies. Welcome to a small world where joke and good faith lead to terror. The comfort and indiferrence are shattered. The stage becomes an arena. A duel between two men, a match without mercy. A social game with machiavellian and ruthless rules. A middle-age man (Manos Bakousis) is within the comfort of his house and a younger man, (Aris Tsabalikas) invites violently himself while a storm is raging outside. Social unequalities, class struggle, indivualism, the fear of the "other" that spreads rapidly, a sociey in hipnosis, these are the subjects of the play and of our tormented daily life. The audience become accomplices, sitted as we all are in a volcano that is ready to explode.

But for the writer this cruel game of exchange is at the end a story about love, a story about brotherhood. We are stranger with others because we are strangers with ourselves. People meet and communicate in their try to understand each other, in order to be able to understand themselves. Being conscious, even if our naked self terrifies us, is the bright solution to the today's deadends.

Translation: Maria Eustathiou
Director: Tatiana Ligari
Staging Sypervisor :Basilis Pafilis
Costumes: Panagiotis Belianitis
Movement: Anneta Koubelioti
LIgths: John Drakoularakos
Assistant director: Dubravka Franz Spiliotopoulou
Actors: Manos Bakousis, Aris Tsampalikas

Thursday until Saturday at 9am and Sunday at 8am

Normal 16 €
Students 12 €