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Fearless Miss Breda and the 7 hidden secrets
Children's performancefrom 04 December 2016
Fearless Miss Breda  and the 7 hidden secrets

interactive guided tour for the whole family


“…What a weirdo is this Railway Carriage Theater! Its wagons are not similar… Who would be the driver? Hmmm… this blue wagon with the oval windows at the door is prettier… But, wait a minute! What’s this? A theater stage? Who thought about this? Didn’t Jules Verne write that in the future there would be wagon-theatres? Yes, of course…My, this is really something! The time of discovery has come! Your ticket please, get on board because we are departing!”

One of the most powerful child memories or desires: trains, toy trains, steam engines, journeys in faraway unknown places…

The Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf in collaboration with the museologist-tour guide Popi Georgopoulou, making good use of research conducted by the museologist Evanthia Kairi, prepared an interactive guided tour for families (from 6 years old).

Our guided tour starts from the rare steam engine and continues in all the wagons (the restaurant, the bar, the theater and the actors’ dressing rooms). The history of the wagons as well as unknown stories of the Orient Express passengers come to light to transfer us back in time. Objects from the Railway Carriage Theater’s dressing room become the “tools”, with the help of which, children and adults get into the traveler’s role! 


The aim of this tour is the acquirement of knowledge and the entertainment of the participants and at the same time the acquaintanceship with the spaces of the train as immovable urban cultural heritage and as a lively cultural organization, hosting all aspects of artistic expression: theater, dance, music!

Our tour is completed with a cutout, in order to create our personal souvenir from our embarkation on the Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf!

In this way Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf becomes the magical space of a journey for the whole family!

supervision Tatiana Ligari

research Evanthia Kairi, museologist

planning - implementation Popi Georgopoulou, museologist – tour guide


Sunday at 17:00 (starting on December 4th, 2016)

Entrance fee 8€

Duration 50΄ (without break)

Electronic presale: