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Helen's Necklace (2nd season)
Theater performancefrom 16 September 2010

Last show: January 30 2011

The "Helen's Necklace", the show played with success and received excellent reviews last year from the media world, is repeated for the second year in the row at the Theater Wagon of the Train at the Roof.

It has just returned from its trip to Lebanon, where it was Al Madina Theater in cooperation with the Greek Embassy in Beirut. Politicians, diplomats, university professors, many media personalities, members of the Greek community and the wider Lebanese community were present at the historic theater, and warmly applauded the performances of actors and congratulated the Greek troupe because his presence there helps to restore normalcy in the daily life of this tortured city.

Written in 2001 in Beirut and already translated in German, Portuguese and English, this extremely timely project of French Canadian author Carole Fréchette derives its themes from the everyday life of the Middle East, pointing our the, now global, moral and social demand for equality and peace.

Helen, a woman from the West, participating in a conference in a warm and chaotic city in the Middle East, losing a small necklace with white plastic pearls. In a mad search, looking for the humble and fragile object to the busy and winding city streets. Nabil, a taxi driver, the guide and protector in this frantic race.

This is a delicate path of knowledge and awareness through which highlights the urgent need for a shift from the useless 'I' creative 'we', which is so lacking nowadays. By understanding each other, speaking another language and culture but has no experience the same feelings of loss, loneliness and incurable suffering, we can move to our perceptions, to effectively address the fears and our doubts and accept personal our losses.

It is a "pearl" of humanity, full of excitement and optimism that makes the North see the South, the West see the East, their differences, their contradictions, but also their powerful common element which is humanity.

Viewers of the show, as always, have the opportunity to enjoy the Wagon-Restaurant, special dishes and live music with oud inspired by the atmosphere of the East.

PERFORMANCES: On Fridays and Saturdays, 9 p.m. & Sundays at 7 p.m.

TICKETS: €20 (standard price), €16 (students price)

by Carole Fréchette

Translator: Maria Efstathiadi
Director: Tatiana Ligari
Costumes: Dora Lelouda
Kinetic Intervention: Zoi Xatziadoniou
Lightning Director: Nikos Vlasopoulos
Video Art: Marianna Strapatsaki
Assistant Director: Alkioni Valsari
Montage-Special Effects: Giorgos Nikopoulos

Tatiana Ligari,Vaggelis Rocos, Anatoli AthaNasiadou

Helen's Necklace (2nd season)