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Indian Summer
Theater performancefrom 20 December 2010
Indian Summer

Lucy Maurice’s Indian Summer is presented on the Wagon Bar of the Train at Rouf Railway-Theatre.

The old, wooden goods wagon with its unique verdigris of time, used as a reception hall for our spectators, is now inaugurated by Tatiana Ligari as a theatre stage. It maintains, though, for the sake of an interactive performance, its main use as a bar, where spectators can order drinks to the two actresses-waitresses and enjoy them while watching the performance.

Anatoli Athanasiadou as Laura and Marina Polimeri as Stefie, will be serving drinks and hot coffees to the hurrying travelers at the Railway Station, as well as to the spectators of the Railway-Theatre Wagon Bar.

Assuming 8 different roles, they will be also sharing with their audience all their fears and failures, their hopes and unfulfilled dreams, their bad choices and obsessions, finally looking for a way out of their misery, a sniff of fresh air, a bright day, one last little summer in their dead-end lives.

And suddenly, one quiet Sunday afternoon at the busy Railway Station cafe, the cappuccino machine breaks. Who knows what happens next…

Indian Summer, a play full of humor and sensitivity, was premiered at the then called Upstairs at the Landor London theatre (today’s Landor Theatre) in 1996. It has been put on in England, Australia and New Zealand and has received the Best Play Award and the First Actress Award at the Pahiatua Festival in 2002.


Translator: Menelaos Karantzas
Director: Tatiana Ligari
Costumes: Ioulia Stavridou
Lightning: Dimitris Theodoropoulos
Assistant Director: Alkioni Valsari

ACTRESSES: Anatoli Athanasiadou, Marina Polimeri

PERFORMANCES: On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9.00 p.m.

TICKETS (including one drink): €20 , €16 (students)