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Cavafy through the eyes of Italian poets
Speech08 May 2024

The 14th poetry meeting La Forza della Poesia, which takes place May 4-12, 2024 in the Italian city of Frascati, is dedicated to the great Alexandrian poet Constantinos P. Cavafy. The meeting, entitled K. P. Kavafis. Un poeta plurale (K. P. Cavafys. A plural poet), is organized under the auspices of the Sapienza Foundation and is a proposal of the Myrsini Zorba Modern Greek Studies Laboratory of the Sapienza University of Rome.

Actress-director Tatiana Lygari also participates in the action-packed meeting, who reads poems by Alexandrinos in the Greek language at the event "Cavafi through the eyes of the poets of Italy", where important Italian poets select and comment on Cavafy poetry. The event is curated by Christos Bintoudis, Associate Professor of Modern Greek Language and Literature at the University of Rome.

Cavafy through the eyes of Italian poets