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Koulouri for two
Theater performancefrom 31 December 2016
Koulouri for two

Theatrical snapshots of the Athenian lansdscape

The new theatrical play “Koulouri for two” based on the book “20 urban one-act plays” by Dora Tsogia (Agra Editions), is staged by Tatiana Ligari at the Theater Wagon of the Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf. A play consisting of twenty scenical micro-sequences, with characters moving in different spaces of the public and private daily life of our metropolis: metro wagons, the platform, the ticket offices, a bus stop, a park bench, an outdoors café, a room or an office, a supermarket, a car. This multisided play with its cinematographic construction offers an overview of the most usual places and landscapes of our daily routine.

In different spaces of the colorful and pluralistic metropolis, there are people young, middle-aged and elderly, men and women, married and single, parents and childless, wealthy and poor, healthy and sick, acquaintances or strangers, all familiar to us. Always in dialogue, the characters bring to surface issues like love, conquest or loss, the sense of reality and the illusion, the family warmth and the family gap, the violence of the impersonal authorities and the unexpected tenderness of their representatives, poverty, wealth and their deadlocks, the communication deadlocks, the power of life and the power of resignation, the constant pursuit of happiness and its cancellations, the parenthood instinct and the children’s abuse, immigration and its reception. The connective tissue of all is the search for communication and for warm human contact.

This is about a positive call of life with an optimistic human centered perspective in Greece in crisis. The world changes through the small daily changes in the life of each one of us. A great revolution can start from the daily micro-practice of each one of us. The play asks us –to paraphrase the Psychotherapist from the one-act play “The sound of the zipper”- not only “to feel the human caress” but to also “see the hand that caresses us” and, to return this caress.

Directed by Tatiana Ligari, music by George Stefanakidis, video by Pantelis Makkas, movement by Pepi Zacharopoulou and dramaturgical assistance by Kaiti Diamantakou. In the lead roles Anatoli Athanasiadou and Aris Tsampalikas.



Saturday at 21:00 & Sunday at 20:00 (starting end of December 2016)

Entrance fee 12€ /Students 8€ /Actors 5€

Duration 80΄

Electronic presale: