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“Mare Nostrum, let me in your arms, sea”
World Tours31 May 2015

Sunday 31 May at 21:00

Municipal Theater of Piraeus

Admission free

The Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf presents the original music performance “Mare Nostrum, let me in your arms, sea”, inspired by the thematic of the European Maritime Day

Mare Nostrum is our sea, our Mediterranean, the birthplace of great ancient civilizations, which experienced conflicts, wars, but also glorious days of spiritual and cultural development. Its strategic position and its mild climate became the starting point for the development of shipping to every corner of the world. The sea with 23 faces, since it washes the shores of 23 countries. Through the centuries, the same sea breeze and the same warm waves connect and divide people with different language, religion and culture, but with a common temperament and love for exploration and journeys in its endless blue. This sea gave birth to music and melodies dipped in salt and full of longing for love and encounters, painted with colours of joy and celebration, but also with the ones of emigration, wandering and nostalgia.

Our ship sails to the historical ports of the Mediterranean, Alexandria, Gibraltar, Suez, Marseille, Naples, Bosporus, Haifa and of course Piraeus. In this journey, famous captains and brave sailors, poor emigrants and cunning traders, passionate artists and bold travellers, dreadful pirates and exotic prostitutes sing their sorrow and their joy, their dreams and their passions. Along with them we sing too surprisingly familiar tunes, which touch our soul and remind us of our common roots –our Sea, the Mediterranean.

Together with talented musicians, Athina Routsi interprets with her expressive voice known and unknown songs of the sea in sixteen language and dialects.

Vocals: Athina Routsi

Piano: Alkistis Raftopoulou

Percussion: Socrates Ganiaris

Guitar: Apostolos Theodosiou

Flute, clarinet, mandolin, oud: Fotis Mylonas

Musical Direction Alkistis Raftopoulou

Art Direction: Tatiana Ligari


Sunday the 31st of May 2015 at 21.00

Municipal Theater of Piraeus

Iroon Polytechniou Ave 32, 185 35, Piraeus

Admission free


and at +30 211 1000 365

NOTE: In order to validate your reservation, you are kindly requested to be there 20 minutes earlier. Bookings will be made with priority order.


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