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The Errante Bohemio band on the Orient Express Music Wagon
Musical performancefrom 17 April 2024

For two Wednesdays only on the Orient Express Music Wagon
Wednesday 17 & Wednesday 24/4 at 21.00


The Errante Bohemio band* invite you to an ethnic wandering with the vehicle of music.


For two Wednesdays only, travel to the anarchic freedom of Berlin, the charming melancholy of Budapest, the sensual tangos of Buenos Aires and its dark milongas, but also to Thessaloniki, the most beautiful city in the world, with its exquisite waltzes by the beach.

Songs and music that create unforgettable images in the unique space of the Orient Express.


*The Errante Bohemio band have inspired their name from the famous tango "Anclao en Paris" by Cadicamo-Barbieri, with the voice of Carlos Gardel. The group consists of Artemis Matafia (vocals), Kyriakos Gouveda (violin) and Thanasis Karaminzios (guitar, voice, compositions).


"Laughter by the life of the wandering bohemian, I am, Buenos Aires, anchored in Paris"

Kyriakos Gouveda (violin)
Thanasis Karaminzios (guitar, voice, compositions)
Artemis Matafia (vocals)