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Open Call for the 12th Young Artists Festival “The 12 Compartments"
Festivalfrom 03 March 2024



12th Young Artists’ Festival “The 12 Compartments”


The Young Artists’ Festival “The 12 Compartments” of the Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf counts its 12th organization this year and invites young artists from all types of Art (Theatre, Music, Dance, Visual Arts) to create innovative projects of short duration (10-30 minutes) and present them on a daily basis for 15 consecutive, from Sunday 19 May to Sunday 2 June 2024.


Since its first organization in 2011, the unique worldwide cultural railway Festival inspired and established by the actress and director Tatiana Lygari, has encouraged and promoted more than 1,000 young artists and groups from all kinds of Art and offered a trigger for new collaborations on a professional basis.


The Festival’s core and source of inspiration was initially the New Wagon with its 12 compartments. In recent years, performances are also presented in the other carriages of the Train-Theatre as well as at the open-air space “Apovathra” with its fully equipped outdoor stage, offering artists the opportunity to participate in an unusual Festival of juvenile expression and creation and visitors a pioneering artistic spectacle and a unprecedented experience, where all types of Art coexist in an unconventional space.


The axes that determine the selection of the proposed performances of the Festival are: the mix of different types of Art, interactivity, satirical dimension as well as themes inspired by the idea of the Train, such as the “journey" in all its dimensions, departure, arrival, station, escape, movement, transition combined with contemporary concerns such as osmosis, exchange, confinement, isolation, exclusion, communication, coexistence, privacy.


Criterion for the selection is also the originality of the projects and their presentation for the first time in the context of the specific Festival.


All performances will be presented on a daily basis for 15 consecutive days from 19:30 to 23:30 in a rolling program.


Groups of young artists as well as individual artists from all kinds of Art (Theatre, Music, Dance, Visual Arts, Photography, Cinema, Video Art, etc.) who wish to participate, can send their proposal (extensive description of the project and relevant audiovisual material from previous performances) as well as CVs of performers and project associates accompanied by photos and contact numbers at


Final submission date: March 28, 2024.


The selection of finalists will be completed on April 5, 2024.



+30 210 9237076


Open Call for the 12th Young Artists Festival “The 12 Compartments'