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Show B…
Dance performancefrom 31 October 2012
Show B…

Final Performance: Sunday, February 3rd

In the Theatre Wagon of the "Train at Rouf" Theater comes a bold proposal of a contemporary dance show within the few square meters of the scene of the car, titled "Show B...", an initiative of Tatiana Ligari in collaboration with the dance-theatre group PINEZA.

The show is a parody of the glittering side of show biz and puts forward using movement the great difference between the "being seen" and "being".

Four young women of the show biz meet in a luxury restaurant. Their good manners, their typical relationshpis as their social standard do not indicate the nigth that follows... Music, drinking and a bizzare waiter create and upset the stage. With a comical attitude and humor the group moves between the "decent" and "folk", the supposed and original, the exquisite and the kitsch. With music from classic to modern, the dancers communicate by combinig features from classic dance, hip-hop, tradition and everyday life through the specter of contemporary dance.
A show that allows you to peek through the keyhole and to get familiar with the real show b...!!!

Conseception:Pepi Zaxaropoulou
Choreography:Pepi Zaxaropoulou and Group PINEZA
Mousic mondage:Simos Kaggelaris
Ligths:Panagiotis Plaskasovits
Dancers(with alphabetical order)
Katerina Karasmani ,Stelios Kefalas ,Xrisanthi Magka, Eva Mixala, Katerina Tsekoura

Every Sunday at 6am

10 €