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SIX to TWELVE by Tatiana Ligari
On Demandfrom 02 February 2022

The hybrid artistic project SIX TO TWELVE that was inspired and directed by Tatiana Ligari is re-screened due to success in streaming on demand at

Theater and cinema coexist in this new proposal that combines the modern Greek theatrical discourse, the original stage space of a wagon with compartments, the cinema and the internet.

The well-known actress and director invited six important and renowned Greek novelists and playwrights Miranda Vatikioti, Akis Dimou, Amanda Michalopoulou, Andrea Staiko, Fotini Tsalikoglou and Maki Tsita to write twelve new shorts plays, inspired by the innovative, non-theatrical space of 12 Compartments of the New Wagon of To Treno sto Rouf.

The first six short plays that are shown on streaming on demand through the platform are: The mutilated statue by Fotini Tsalikoglou, Out of system by Makis Tsitas, Heartfeltness by Akis Dimos, The pleasant look of things by Amanda Michalopoulou, Do not say it by Miranda Vatikioti and  Queen of the Night Trains by Andreas Staikos.


Tickets 10€ 

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