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The Fuming Beauty (2nd season)
Theater performancefrom 19 October 2003

Three years ago I could not even imagine leaving my computer and my office and run down to the rehearsals with a rather heterogeneous, but nevertheless, marvelous company of actors, directors, musicians, composers, chorographers who were trying to give flesh and bone to my novel, to make my "angry" so "beautiful" as to talk into your hearts.

All it took was just a phone call from Tatiana for all of these to come together. With music and songs, with laughter which breaks into tears, all together we tried to turn inside out the pink fairy tale, to reveal its black lining. So, the sleeping beauty wakes up beautiful but angry. The only thing that I could wish is for the nice fairy of the theater to help out to love her so much as to make her ease her anger!
Lena Divani

Actors (alphabetically):
Evaggelia Moumouri
Faidra Douka
Vivi Kokka
Spyros Perdiou

Musicians (alphabetically):
Dimitris Klouvatos (guitar)
Nikos Kotaras (Bass)
Kostis Meidanis (Percussion)
Boban Jasarevic (Violin)

Director: Tatiana Ligari
Stage design: Lea Kousi
Costumes: Ntora Lelouda
Music: Minas Alexiadis
Lightning: Sakis Birbilis
Choregraphy: Natassa Zouka
Assistant director: Valentina Papadimitraki
Assistant stage designer: Giorgos Mpochtanidis
Assistant costumes designer: Katerina Theocharopoulou

The Fuming Beauty (2nd season)