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The Spacetrain of Mr Ignatios Rodolfos de los Hupa Glupa
Children's performancefrom 20 December 2011
The Spacetrain of Mr Ignatios Rodolfos de los Hupa Glupa

Last Show: Sunday, 8th of April

Download here the Press Release (content in greek) and the Newsletter (content in greek) for the theatrical show for young spectators.

In the children stage of Train Theater, after the authors Evgenios Trivizas and Petros Hatzopoulos, this year is the turn of the renowned in the field of writing and gastronomy Ilias Mamalakis in his first theatrical writing attempt. With his "juicy" quill, he writes a new children theatrical play especially for the Train Theater entitled "The Spacetrain of Mr Ignatios Rodolfos de los Hupa Glupa".

Along with the well known author - cook, the director Tatiana Lygari and a cast of worthy actors the young audience embark to the Spacetrain for long journeys and there their love for the theater, travelling, communication... and good food is united! Their hero is mr Ignatios Rodolfos de los Hupa Glupa. A great traveller and wanderer. But also a famous gourmand. He's handy with electronics too. He is the captain of a spacetrain that can be altered into a spaceship, submarine, airplane, helicopter but also a time machine! Ignatios along with the unbeatable crew if this amazing supertrain and the little passengers take off to a journey to the Medieval Paris, Hercule's Galaxy, Pythagora's Samos, Dedalos and Icarus' Crete, but also the palaces of the snobbish Cleopatra.

The journey, full of adventures and humor reveals mythical places, interesting personalities and delicious dishes, that fianlly offer the knowledge which builds a solid future! Where was the modern Democracy born? How did the Galaxy got its name? Which was Cleopatra's greatest weakness? How did Pythagoras carve his first shapes? All these questions find their answer through music, videoprojections, dance, songs and the performances of talented actors.

"Ιn order to travel with us", say the author, "you'll be needing your intergalactic passport and shoes with strong soles, you can leave all the rest to the captain of Spacetrain"


Director : Tatiana Lygari
Sets - Costumes: Dora Lelouda - Danai Koureta
Music: Alkistis Raftopoulou
Lyrics: Minas Alexiadis
Choreography: Zoi Chatziantoniou
Lighting: Dimitris Theodoropoulos
Video-editind: Alessandro Spiliotopulos
Assistant Director: Alkyoni Valsari

Michalis Afolagia, Dafni Kafetzi, Panagiotis Klinis, Stefi Poulopoulou, Kostis Tzanokostakis

Peformances: Every Saturday 5:00 p.m. and Sunday 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m.
Peformances for Schools: Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday at 10.00 a.m.

TICKET PRICES : General Entrance 15 €, Schools 9 €

Open guarded parking is provided.