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Who is the murderer?
Speechfrom 15 March 2017
Who is the murderer?

police mystery stories

Wednesdays 15, 22 & 29 March at 20:00

in the Theater Wagon

The web magazine Anagnostis and the Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf present three police mystery performances – discussions.

For three Wednesdays in March in the atmospheric space of the Railway Carriage Theater, two renowned writers of police literature co-create an unedited police story without revealing the end. The audience will have to find the murderer and the mechanism leading to him/her.

Wednesday, March 15th Miranda Vatikioti – Markos Kritikos

The discussion will be moderated by the literature critic Aristoteles Sainis.

Wednesday, March 22nd Andreas Apostolidis-Kostas Kalfopoulos

The discussion will be moderated by Giannis N. Baskozos

Wednesday, March 29th Eutyxia Giannaki – Hilda Papadimitriou

The discussion will be moderated by the writer and literature critic Elena Houzouri.

The Dj. Makis Provatas will create the musical atmosphere with selected compositions from mystery movies.



Andreas Apostolidis is a writer, director and translator. He has translated many classical police novels by Patricia Highsmith, J. Elroy, N. Hammet, etc. He is one of the most important researchers on police novels. His last novel is “You are Papadopoulos” (Agra Editions). His last essay is «The black carre-The police series and the spring of tv after 2000» (Agra Editions).

Miranda Vatikioti, the youngest of the group, has published the mystery short story for children “Magical clock” (Zacharakis Editions) and the police novel “The four seasons of Mr Ananias” (Pikramenos Editions).

Eutychia Giannaki studied informatics, music technology and communication and worked for many years in secondary education. Her novel “Hardcore” was transferred to the movies. Her last novel is “In the back seat” (Ikaros Editions).

Kostas Kalfopoulos studied Sociology, Political science and History of Middle and New Ages at the University of Hamburg. Since 1996 he works as a journalist. He collaborates with “Kathimerini” and "Neue Zurcher Zeitung". He writes police novels, His last book is “Carre-carre and other stories” (Agra Editions).

Markos Kritikos studied engineering and worked for many years in a bank. He has published three police novels. The hero is Markos, a rocker facing murders by accident. His last novel is «Second Execution» ( Fairead-Nefeli Editions)

Hilda Papadimitriou is a writer of police stories and translator. Among other she has collaborated with music magazines (ZOO, Pop&Rock, Sonic) and her novels include a lot of data from rock music and its atmosphere. Her last novel is “The frequency of death” (Metaichmio Editions).


Theater Wagon

Wednesdays 15/3, 22/3 & 29/3 at 20.00

Entrance fee 10€

Wagon Bar & Wagon – Restaurant open from 20.00 until late

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