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Helen's Necklace
Theater performancefrom 29 September 2009

Tatiana Ligari comes back on stage at the Theater Wagon of the Railway Carriage Theater To Treno sto Rouf and presents for the first time in Greece the multiaward-winning french- speaking Canadian author Carole Fréchette with the very topical theater play "Helen's Necklace".

Helen, a woman from the West, who takes part in a convention in a warm and chaotic city of the Middle East, loses a small necklace with white plastic pearls. In a crazy search, she looks for this humble and fragile object in the busy and mazy streets of the city. Nabil, a taxi driver, will be her guide and protector in this frantic ride.

A very topical theater show, a "pearl" of humanity, full of excitement and optimism.

This is a delicate path of knowledge and awareness which highlights the urgent need to shift from the useless "I" to the creative "we", that is so absent from our time. By understanding another person who speaks in a different language and has a different perspective but experiences the same feelings of loss, loneliness and irreconcilable pain, we can change our views, deal with our fears and doubts successfully and come to terms with our personal losses.

Written in 2001 in Beirut and already translated in german, portuguese and english, the play derives its themes from the everyday life of the Middle East highlighting the, now, global, moral and social demand for equality and peace.It is a "pearl" of humanity, full of excitement and optimism that makes the North see the South, the West see the East, their differences, their contradictions, but also their powerful common element which is humanity.

At the same time it proves that theater might not change the world, but can definitely change our view of the it.

At the Wagon-Bar and Wagon-Restaurant this year combined with the show's atmosphere, wou'll find tasty dishes with Eastern touches. Yannis Koutis on oud and guitar.

Tatiana Ligari
Vaggelis Rocos
Anatoli Athanasiadou

Director: Tatiana Ligari
Assistant director: Alkioni Valsari
Translator: Maria Efstathiadi
Costumes: Dora Lelouda
Kinetic Intervention: Zoi Chatziadoniou
Lightning Director: Nikos Vlasopoulos
Video Art: Marianna Strapatsaki
Montage - Special effects: Giorgos Nikopoulos

Helen's Necklace