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The rails behind me
Theater performancefrom 29 September 2008

"Οι ράγες πίσω μου" ("The rails behind me") is Haris Romas' first theater play.

In the past he's done a lot of translations and covers, lines for comedy plays and scripts for cinema and television.

This, howevever, is his first integrated project for the theater.

The centre character, Thales, has a big problem. Ever since he was born, he has passed unnoticed. Nobody paid attention to him, nobody looked after him, he was neglected as if he didn't exist. As he characteristically recounts, he's always been average at everything, not good, not bad. Just average.

As he now reaches the train station of a small town, in order to meet his wife who is going to take off with her lover, and plead for her to stay, he reflects upon pieces and bits of his whole life and sees faces jumping out before him, like his father, his brother, his classmate - an "idol" at school, the girl in the neighborhood who was the first love of all the kids around and the loud way in which she rejected Thales, the teacher whom he was afraid of but had a secret crush on, the dummy of the class who was always sticking next to him, mean aunt Maro, his wife, his son and others who, with him, play out the scenes from the course of an entire lifetime.

The presence, lyrics and songs of Dionisis Savvopoulos have always been a catalyst for the character and will be until the end, because his work has been a a source of inspiration for Haris Romas to write "Οι ράγες πίσω μου".

Thomais Androutsou
Dimitris Karatzias
Anastasis Kolovos
Haris Romas

Director: Haris Romas
Stage Designe - Costumes: Simos Papanastasopoulos
Lightning: Nikos Vlasopoulos

The rails behind me