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Secret Railway-Stories: Once upon a time, there was a Train…
Speechfrom 06 March 2016

Guided Tours inside the historic railcars of the cultural train

“Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf”


For the first time the Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf opens up its wagons and reveals hidden secrets and unheard stories from King Otto’s times to the present, fascinating all restless urban travellers.


This unique in the world cultural and dining venue, created by actress and director Tatiana Ligari, is an international innovation, a rare “exhibit” and a listed monument of modern greek history and culture.


During the guided tours, guests will be given the opportunity to discover Rouf, this tranquil and unfrequented neighbourhood of Athens, where the famous cultural train is stationed since 1997. They will have the chance to listen to Greek Railways’ unknown stories, indulge in the allure of luxury trains of the past century, track the routes and adventures of the vintage railcars, be charmed by the legend of the Orient Express, take a tour to the past of this rare industrial monument but also to the cultural journeys of the Railway Carriage Theater, during the last 19 years.


Like a modern discoverer, make yourself comfortable, inside one of the most well-travelled passenger wagons, sneak into the tiny kitchen of the most luxurious restaurant on rails, feel like mid-war aristocrats, travelling inside the “Pullmann-Salon” of the Simplon Orient Express and touch the rough walls of a wooden cargo railcar. Discover the forgotten secrets of the vintage, refurbished wagons, each one of them with its own history and provenance. Learn about last century’s luxurious railway travels and find out the past of the legendary steam engine, integral part of modern greek history.


For a unique journey in time, art and history, book your first class seat and travel with the most peculiar train in the world, a cultural express!



in English and German on demand

(for groups, min 15 - max 30 persons)




Axana Arts Company

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Secret Railway-Stories: Once upon a time, there was a Train…