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Sunday noons at Orient Express (3rd season)
Speechfrom 19 October 2009

Just finished the third cycle of literary meetings with important and beloved Greek authors as well as individuals from the fields of art, literature and politics for the 2009-2010 season. We hosted Michalis Ganas, Pavlos Matesis, Maro Douka, Menis Koumantareas and Ilias Mamalakis.

Readers who want to learn about what their favorite Greek authors - writers, poets and playwrights - can speak with them and discover unknown aspects of life and work of authors over a glass of wine in a friendly atmosphere in the wagon of the Orient Express.

"We want, as long as we can, to support the book and to help increase readership. We ally our intimacy and friendly atmosphere created inside the wagon. Readers feel as if they are traveling with the author and share with him a short but very personal way," says actor and director Tatiana Ligari who organizes, for 3 years, these original literary Sunday brunches.

Faithful viewers of the train at Rouf and fanatic readers travelled with Michalis Ganas on February 7th 2010, Pavlos Matesis on February 21st 2010, Maro Douka on February 28th 2010, Menis Koumantareas on March 7th 2010 and Elias Mamalakis on March 14th 2010.

Entrance : 22 €
(food and a glass of wine are included in the price)
Sunday noons at Orient Express (3rd season)