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Little Thumbling...a story for today!
Children's performancefrom 01 January 2012
Little Thumbling...a story for today!

Breakthrough performance for young fans of modern French children’s drama which combined video art, music, dance and educational theatre games.

In the children's Stage of the "Train at roof" Theatre, comes the extraordinary play " The thumbling...a story for today", of the Frech novelist and playwriter Claudine Galea.

The writer is known to us by the translation to French of Jim Dimitridis's play "O kiklismos tou tetragonou" with Dimitra Kondilaki. In "The The thumbling-girl" she is inspired by the famous story and offers us a fresh, modern play for children full of optimism and humor. Through a ligh writing she talks about subjects like creation, art and life.

With a surpise present and with her six naugthy sisters, little Violet will lead a heart-broken student to overcome alienation, cruelty and loneliness, while seven magical peddles will help her to find own path in life.

In this dreamlike journey all heros are born from within her imagination with beautiful video art images, sounds and musics. It is a poetic play between fantasy and reality, seen through the delicate eyes of a little girls, who adresses not only children but also their parents, who sometimes are overprotective and they create without wishing it an asphyxiating enviroment, which children want to escape from. It is a hymn to love, friendship and solidarity which so often children develop in their relationships.

Translation:Dimitra Kondilaki
Director:Tatiana Ligari
Staging Sypervisor:Basilis Pafilis
Costumes:Danai Koureta
Movement:Zoi Xatziantoniou
Ligths:John Drakoularakos
Sound Effects:Alkistis Raftopoulou-Fotis Milonas
Music:Alkistis Raftopoulou
Image Directory Supervisor:Alessandro Spiliotopulos
Assistant Director:Dubravka Franz Spiliotopoulou

Actors:Panagiotis Klinis, Dafni Kafetzi, Eleni Meggreli


Saturday at 5am and Sunday at 12am
for schools daily at 10pm

General public:12€
School 7€